50,000 Years of Prehistory in Our Own Backyard

The Willamette Valley Pleistocene Project explores the late Pleistocene and early Holocene of the Willamette River Valley in Northwest Oregon.  Composed of local volunteers and resources, avocational paleontologists, land owners, and local government working alongside trained professionals and museum staff, our goal is to discover, study, and preserve our prehistoric past.

Totally unfunded, the project relies almost entirely on volunteers and the outstanding contributions in time and equipment from the local community.  All materials are collected in so far as possible using current archaeological and paleontological practices after in situ documentation and study.  Locations are recorded using USGS maps and GPS technology, and digs are excavated under the direct supervision of the on-scene scientist and overall control of the designated “Scientist in Oversight.”  Materials collected are stabilized, restored and preserved locally; always available to both the general community and the scientific world.