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(On many projects, no experience is necessary!)

The Willamette Valley Pleistocene Project is composed of a number of users/contributors whose pages reflect a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.   Whatever your interests, strengths, resources, education, skill or abilities, there is probably a place for you!

What can I do? 

Digs and sites:  Typically, we have used volunteers to participate in digs under the supervision of team mentors and an on-site scientist and this is what most people think of when they consider volunteering.  There are, however, many unsung heroes of our project that contribute their talents, skills and resources to make the projects successful.  Consider also:

Scouting and research:  Both in the field and on the web.  There are many sites previously reported and now largely forgotten that we would like to research and perhaps visit with a new generation of paleontologists and archaeologists.  This involves researching material, talking to people, visiting new and lost locations.

Site development and set up:  For every hour spent by a scientist on a dig, a score of hours or more go into accessing the site, clearing and prepping the ground, establishing reference points and grid lines, scheduling utilities and equipment, setting up, conducting and taking down the site.  Everything from clearing brush to furnishing a track hoe or bulldozer has been offered and eagerly accepted by our users.

Stabilizing, reassembling, preserving and documenting:  Good eye for jigsaw puzzles?  Good with your hands?  Craftsmanship?  Data entry?  All useful skills in caring for the fossils we find!

How it works

 Fill out the volunteer form, add the “CAPTCHA” code you see and push the “submit” button.  Your name goes in the master file.  User/contributors are then free to use the list as a resource for their project’s needs.