Looking for a guest speaker?

The Willamette Valley Pleistocene Project has several speakers with expertise in the fields of Geology, Paleontology and Archaeology.  We have given presentations to groups ranging in size from a dozen to over 200 and varying in age from Montesori School on through life.  Professional organizations, Cub Scouts, service groups, senior centers, grade schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges all have requested and received presentations tailored to their size and specific needs.

Presentations may include powerpoint presentations, static displays, hands-on fossil opportunities, question and answer sessions, the opportunity for guests to bring in fossils for identification, followup contact and in some cases even field trips (refer to the field trip button on the home page).  With enough lead time and coordination, multiple speakers and/or topics can be scheduled.

If you are interested in a presentation and are in Oregon’s Willamette Valley area, press the “contact” button on our home page and drop us an email.  You will get a reply indicating your email has been forwarded to the person you requested, or to the person(s) whose field most closely fits the subject you want.  Some (not all) of the persons you will find in the “Meet Us” section of the home page are experienced speakers of great experience in a field that may interest you.

(The Willamette Valley Pleistocene Project is a non-compensated facilitator.  Costs and/or expenses,  if any, can be worked out between you and the speaker.)